Midnight's easy-to-use integrated automation platform empowers your entire business to reliably automate business processes.

Designed for you, by you

Build custom automated workflows to process your business needs using a simple workflow designer

  1. Pre Built ML Models and Workflow Templates
  2. 170+ Enterprise Plugins
  3. Unlimited users and workflows
  4. No certifications required

Complex Automation Made Simple

Batteries Included Automation

Document automation capabilities, all within a single automation platform so that approvals or validation can be handled immediately.

Data Access

Access the data and tools that matter to your team through a single integrated platform. Start putting your data to use.

Integrated Solution

Communication and notifications are designed around your team's & customer's preferences. Everything from Slack, Outlook, Gmail, SMS and more.


Replace tedious, repetitive work with human-in-the-loop automation and unleash your workforce to focus on what is valuable.

No Coding Required

Build workflows using Midnight's drag & drop interface to perform tasks customized to your business conditions, systems, and teams.

Less Work, More Flow

Give your operational leaders the tools to control, monitor, and automate their most active business processes

Simple Pricing
No Coding Required
Enterprise Level Security
Human-In-The-Loop Features
Unlimited Workflows and Users

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