More Reliable Data. Less Manual Entry.

Midnight is the best platform for data entry. We process millions of documents every month for value oriented businesses around the world.


Efficiency First Document Automation

Midnight Electric pairs automation with an efficiency focused platform, transforming the way your business captures data.

5x Capacity

Increase capacity to generate higher revenues, faster. All while reducing processing costs.

Any Doc, Anyhow, Anywhere

Effectively process any document type - structured or unstructured - in any format, anywhere in the world.

Immediate ROI

Instant deployment and intuitive tooling empowers you to achieve a positive ROI from day 1.

Secure Scalability

Scale across your global business with the most secure cloud network.

Integrated Automation

Easily integrated into any existing workflow, tool, or RPA.

Enterprise Ready

Purpose built for the modern enterprise. Trusted by leading organizations.

Automate the Obvious

Automate Critical Document Processing Workflows

  • Let technology automate 80%+ of the tasks so your staff can focus on what is valuable.
  • Automate document ingestion, classification, sorting, matching, keying, and distribution.
  • Autonomously capture high frequency fields, with the ability to train custom fields.
Continuous Improvement

Accuracy improves over time, providing additional value with each document processed.

Simple Setup

Set up a new document type or workflow in minutes, not days.

Connected Efficiency

Integrates with your network and tools to optimize integrated efficiencies and create a truly connected organization.

Capture 70% Faster With Industry Leading Interface

Have you looked at other document processing tools? Don’t worry, we were confused too. There is no Midnight certification because the product is simple, and just works - FAST.


Continuous Improvement

The Midnight Platform learns and improves with each document processed

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    Efficiently process documents up to 80% faster

  • process-icon

    Leverage every data point for stronger results - in real time

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    Automate your workflows and unburden your staff to focus on higher value work

Seamlessly Integrate With Existing Tools

Integrate automation into existing workflows with dozens of pre-built connectors or custom integrations.


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